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Pension confectionery restaurant stand

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In the heart of the picturesque town of Harrachov, surrounded by the beauty of the Giant Mountains, there is a unique brewery restaurant that offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The Harrachov Brewery is not only a place where excellent beer is brewed, but also a place where you can taste authentic Czech cuisine in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • Our own brewery
  • Great food
  • Stylish ambience


Guesthouse Krakonoš
The guesthouse is located in the centre of Harrachov, yet in a quiet location with a beautiful view, and is therefore ideal for families with children. Do not worry about anything... enjoy your rest...
  • The price includes continental breakfast, wifi and satellite TV.
  • We will rent you an electric bike
  • The guest house has a stylish restaurant with excellent homemade cuisine and a terrace, which can be used even in winter.


Patisserie Panský dům
The "Panský dům" Confectionery and Bakery in Harrachov is a place where you can enjoy the best coffee and handmade pastries. This establishment, open since 2017, takes pride in a team that strives to improve its services and offerings every day.
In 2021, the bakery became part of the establishment, supplying the confectionery with fresh bread from a bakery in Vysoké nad Jizerou. The "Panský dům" Confectionery and Bakery places great emphasis on the quality of its products and collaboration with local suppliers.
In the confectionery, you will find a wide selection of handmade pastries and custom-made cakes, including whipped cream, fruit, chocolate, and marzipan-covered cakes. In addition to sweet delights, the confectionery also offers savory specialties such as pâtés, homemade bacon rolls, open-faced sandwiches, and fried dishes.
The "Panský dům" Confectionery and Bakery is open every day from Monday to Sunday and looks forward to your visit.
  • Handmade desserts and cakes: here you will find unique desserts and cakes that are carefully handmade by our experienced pastry chefs. Each piece is created with love and care, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience.
  • Local ingredients and fresh pastries from the bakery in Vysoké nad Jizerou: We are proud to sell local ingredients and fresh pastries from a local bakery. Our commitment to local products not only supports the local economy, but also ensures that our products are always fresh and full of flavour.
  • A wide range of sweet and savoury products: we offer a wide range of sweet and savoury products to satisfy every taste. Whether you're craving something sweet or looking for a sandwich, stir-fry or snack soup, you'll find what you're looking for here.

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